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TedTalks I will one day give

Talks about different topics I could speak on

    1. How to get over a breakup

    I remember my sister asking me: Is this person the one?
    Answer: Yes, I could see myself living a lifetime with this one.

    A year later it was over and I was heartbroken.

    It can be tough to pick yourself back up after something you love ends

    2. How to develop new skills

    Barista, salesperson, iPhone technician, project manager, investing. There is definitely an art to learning new skills.

    Still working on monetizing those skills though.

    3. Becoming wealthy through investing

    Most people do not become wealthy from a salary. They become wealthy because they invested money in the stock market consistently over time.

    4. Remodeling your home on a shoestring budget

    It involves lot of paint.

    5. The way you treat people means everything

    I have dropped a lot of people from my life that treated me poorly. I have had a lot of bosses/coworker that I do not speak to anymore because they treated others disrespectfully.

    People remember the way you make them feel.

    6. How to walk a dog

    There’s really a lot thought that goes into it.
    - Which side they walk on
    - The harness/collar
    - The type of leash
    - How you hold the leash
    - How fast you walk
    - Where you walk them - different routes
    - Letting them off the leash to run around
    - How to make them listen to you with distractions
    - Length of the walk

    7. Mastering software project management

    I’m not a master, but getting better at it.

    8. Combine skills - Idea sex

    Definitely a James idea. When I have successfully combined skills

    9. Getting the most out of your vacation

    Cheap flight, first class
    - Great hotel
    - See the sights
    - Relax
    - Great food

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