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Tell about your pets

Our pets since the wife and I started dating...


    1. Pajamas

    PJs was older when I first met her, and after a bit decided she liked me. That's when the wife knew I was OK. She would be my desk buddy when I was doing things on the computer. She passed from old age at 19.


    2. Jezebel

    The wife adopted her to be a friend for PJs.

    The last of a litter of kittens who died shortly after birth, she was a playful friendly kitty.

    She was very friendly toward me, and loved getting pet, but didn't like getting brushed. As a long haired cat, that was an issue every month or so.

    She and PJs would split time on my desk when I was working at home. She was about 16 when she passed.


    3. Bogie


    The wife (girlfriend then) found about a half dozen kittens in a access hole by her apartment. No mama, and apparently somebody had put out poison that killed the outdoor cats around the apartment. She took them in, socialized and placed them all. Except Bogie. He was a tough guy (thus the nickname from Humphrey Bogart), who would hide between the couch cushions and want to play fight.

    He was the wife's snuggle bug, and while he let me pet him, we weren't buddies until the Mrs. had been away for a business trip. About 30 minutes before she got back, he actually came on the couch and sat on my lap. Until the wife got home. But we were buds from then on.

    He had a heart condition, and after becoming diabetic, he passed at 14.

    4. Cheyenne

    Our wedding gift to one another - a Siberian Husky who was that "once in a lifetime" dog. We found a hobby breeder a bit of a drive away. She owned a laundromat, so we drove there and met her. Cheyenne sleeping in a laundry bin, napping. The lady took her out and put her on the floor. She howled, and peed on the floor. And came to us for petting and play.

    While she was energetic, she was also smart and wanted to make us happy... most of the time.

    One time, when we were late getting home, she somehow got under our bed, and took out a box of the wife's magazines, and make it snow shredded magazines all over our room.

    When I was out of work, I'd walk her through the neighborhood and she made friends with people and their pooches. When the wife would walk her after getting home from work, just about everyone in the neighborhood knew Cheyenne.

    We took her through training all the way to "Canine Good Citizen" with the intent of her being a therapy dog. Then, our son was born, and that got set aside.

    She would howl at the area fire siren, police sirens, and when the dogs barked. And, my favorite, was when I got home from officiating on Friday nights, she knew the sound of my car, and would howl when I pulled into the driveway.

    When she was ten and a half, she ended up with cancer in her front left leg, and the vet said treating her or amputating the leg wouldn't be best for her. She was happy and active other than having trouble with stairs. After a couple months, we knew she was ready to go. Miss her very much.


    5. Baboo & Missy

    One day our neighbor came over and asked me if I knew we had kittens behind our shed. No, I didn't...

    There were cats - a very friendly mama, and five skittish kittens. The wife caught all of the kittens but one easily, and put them in a large dog crate. She tried to put the mama in, but that's the only time she ran away. We only caught the last kitten because she crawled into a 7 foot PVC pipe behind our shed. We stood at the ends, I lifted one and the kitten came out the end.

    The wife and I spent a couple weeks socializing them, and were able to place three of them. One, a tortie, the wife wanted to keep, as PJs had just passed. Our son was learning to speak and he called her Baboo, which was his word for balloon. The other kitten was hard to socialize - she's hiss and spit and try to get away from our socialization efforts. We couldn't place her, so we decided to keep her. And, since she acted much like a misfit, we named her Missy.

    Baboo is a relatively normal cat. Missy has a split personality - she will run away from us when she's walking around the house, but when I'm working, or laying down in bed, she'll come to me to get pet. And demand it!

    They're fourteen now.


    6. Derby

    When Cheyenne passed, after a couple months the wife wanted to "just look" at puppies. Yeah, first time looking we ended up adopting Derby, named as such because she was brought to NJ from Kentucky. She's a lab, boxer & pitty mix.

    A very happy girl with people, and until she blew out her ACL she was great with other dogs. Now, she's great with her friends and some dogs, and not very good with others.

    She turned ten in August, and has had two surgeries on her leg to remove a swelling, and now probably needs another one due to what was originally the canine version of MRSA, and the second time from scarring and ingrown hair.

    Always playful, she's slowed down now, but ALWAYS wants her pets and scratches, and moves like a pup when she heard activity in the kitchen.


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