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Ten BaD Newsletter Ideas

    1. Newsletter / Subscription

    Stories/History/Fiction - Have you ever watched the guys who go metal detecting? Though I only really watched them during the pandemic. Someone who is into this could start a newsletter, and send the junk to winners. The stories would be fictional, real(embellished history). For content, you just record your outings.

    2. Niche Newsletter News Reporter

    So instead of simply writing about a niche, you act as a reporter and find stories within the college. Keep the newsletter free and advertise for colleges.

    3. Office Gossip Newsletter

    Interview people that work in big companies. Change the names and tell the stories.

    4. Weight loss Chronicles

    Free newsletter. Compile/crawler all the methods that are out there.

    5. The Shit List

    We all do it, idea inspired by Bukowskis' many short stories about his bathroom woes. Advertise all things poo.

    6. The Ironic Flat Earther

    Like the enquirer but you always end up proving yourself wrong.

    "So bad news guys this kind of proves the earth is round BUT maybe it's a lie! Next week I'll. . ."

    7. Hot Couches & Love Seats

    Write erotic sofa advertisement stories.

    8. The Far Right Extreme Leftist

    Take your pick of any crazy political "happening of the day" and write it so it supports both sides. "Trump would make the best pro-choice advocate" , "Moms against guns should bake AK-47 cookies for the NRA rally"

    9. Top Quotes

    Using some type of software find the top 100 or so influencers, Twichers, Political, Business etc. Have it pull their quotes and make a list.

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