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Ten Band Instruments as Halloween Costumes

The other day, my 13 yo son was trying to figure out what costume to wear for Halloween. After looking for an oboe costume, he announced that costume designers don't like kids who play instruments. That got me wondering about which instruments would be good as a costume.

    1. Oboe

    This one is first because it's the instrument he was looking for. This one would be fairly simple since the cloth would be a reverse taper with a wire ring around the bottom to create a bell. The top would also taper with a post (plastic?) to be the double reed.

    2. Flute

    This one is so easy, that it would take almost no effort. A wire ring at the top and bottom...done.

    3. Piccolo

    Same as the flute, just smaller. Maybe it's perfect for the younger set of the costume gang.

    4. Clarinet

    This one could be created very similarly to the oboe. It would just have a bigger bell and a wider neck and reed.

    5. Saxophone

    This one could be adult-themed quickly, but perhaps there are "controls" in the design to ensure that the bell and neckpiece sit off to the side of the body.

    6. Bass Clarinet

    Use the template for the saxophone but narrow and stretch it along with some other minor modifications.

    7. Snare and Bass Drum

    Use a big wire ring around the front and back of the costume. This one could be more fun by providing drumsticks so that child could "play" the drum as part of the theme.

    8. Cymbals

    Just too easy not to include.

    9. Bassoon

    Use the flute costume but just change it up a bit; just as you would for the bass clarinet and saxophone.

    10. Bongo

    How fun would this instrument be as a costume...especially if it were actually playable

    11. Trumpet

    Brass instruments would be most difficult to have as a costume since there are so many tubes and variances between each one. But I think the trumpet would be the easiest to create.

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