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Ten Benefits of Skipping my Morning Cappuccino at my Local Train Station at 7:05 a.m.

Like many people, I have a job. I still cannot entirely believe it myself, but it's true, and requires me to commute.

Now, I am always a bit early at the platform of my train station. And that's when the temptation kicks in: I want a cappuccino.

I want to feel a bit more awake. And I want to feel the warm, familiar touch of a hot cup of coffee, while it's still cold outside.

Now, here are ten reasons I should resist this Siren's Song!

Ten Benefits of Skipping my Morning Cappuccino at my Local Train Station at 7:05 a.m.

    1. I can make better coffee at home

    Yet, I never seem to take the time for it. I wonder why?

    2. I can bring my home-made coffee in a thermos

    I'm actually liking this idea! Time to get a thermos!

    3. It can invest my money instead

    It's easy to think "but it's only three euros!". But small amounts compound! Much better to invest!

    4. My body is fine without coffee

    Perhaps I should use the thermos for tea after all?

    5. I have free coffee at the office

    Why buy something you can have for free only half an hour later?

    6. It's blissful to step outside the hedonic treadmill

    I am very guilty of rewarding myself with foods and drinks. Not a good habit! 

    7. I prefer vegan beverages

    I love animals and like to mostly stick to a vegan diet! Another benefit of making cappuccino at home—I can use oat milk!

    8. I prefer not to waste

    I mean, think about the poor cup that gets thrown away! It deserves better! Nature deserves better!

    9. I love staying in the present moment

    Boredom is a major part of this habit! I experience the cold waiting for my train to be unpleasant. While if I approach the present with patience, I feel much happier!

    10. Contentment is bliss

    Every day we are bombarded with ads. Refusing to buy a coffee at 7:05 a.m. is one small step in the other direction :)

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