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Ten Car Brands That Are No More

Looking back at cars I've had. Plymouth Duster ('74) and a Geo Prizm (new in '95). Also had an VW Beetle (used), Izuzu Impulse (new) and a Hyundai Excel (new but didn't last 5 years) before my current run of two Toyota Corollas.

Got me wondering what other makes are no more.

Ten Car Brands That Are No More

    1. Pontiac

    Once known for its performance-oriented vehicles, Pontiac was a popular brand under the General Motors umbrella. However, due to financial struggles during the 2008 recession, GM decided to discontinue the brand in 20

    2. Oldsmobile

    With a history dating back to 1897, Oldsmobile was one of the oldest American automobile brands. Despite being a pioneer in automotive innovations, General Motors phased out Oldsmobile in 2004 as part of a restructuring plan.

    3. Mercury

    Established in 1938 by Ford Motor Company, Mercury was positioned between Ford and Lincoln in the market. However, declining sales led Ford to discontinue the brand in 2010 to focus on its core lineup.

    4. Saab

    Known for its quirky designs and focus on safety, Saab was a Swedish automotive manufacturer with a loyal following. After facing financial difficulties, Saab filed for bankruptcy in 2011, marking the end of the brand.

    5. Plymouth

    A division of Chrysler, Plymouth was a well-known brand producing affordable and reliable vehicles. Despite its success in the mid-20th century, Chrysler discontinued Plymouth in 2001 to streamline its operations.

    6. Hummer

    Recognizable for its bold and rugged SUVs, Hummer was a brand that symbolized power and excess. However, rising fuel prices and changing consumer preferences led General Motors to shut down the Hummer brand in 20

    7. Saturn

    Launched by General Motors in 1985 as a different kind of car company, Saturn aimed to revolutionize the car-buying experience. Despite its innovative approach, Saturn ceased operations in 2010 as part of GM's restructuring.

    8. Eagle

    Created by the merger of American Motors Corporation (AMC) and Chrysler, Eagle produced a range of vehicles, including sedans and SUVs. However, low sales figures prompted Chrysler to discontinue the Eagle brand in 19

    9. DeLorean

    Most famous for its appearance in the Back to the Future movies, DeLorean produced the iconic DMC-12 sports car. Despite its cult status, financial troubles led to the closure of the DeLorean Motor Company in the early 1980s.

    10. Geo

    A division of General Motors, Geo focused on producing compact and fuel-efficient vehicles in the 1980s and 1990s. However, GM phased out the Geo brand in 1997 as part of a strategic realignment.

    While these car brands may no longer grace the roads, they remain a part of automotive history, showcasing the dynamic nature of the industry and the changing preferences of consumers.

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