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Ten+ E-Mails I'm Getting

What's going on in the ol' life? Check e-mails for non-spam - that'll give ya an idea. A curated collection of mine includes:

Ten+ E-Mails I'm Getting

    1. Audible

    Don't use it a lot, but have it for the kid, who has reading difficulties. Listening along to the book helps him.

    2. PC Mag

    Tips & Tricks. Miss the printed version - would read it on the throne. Best for finding helpful, mostly free, programs. Today, not so much so. But I'm on their list.

    3. ToDoIst

    Manage the personal to dos with this. Major satisfaction in clicking off tasks and having it done at the end of the day.

    4. The Neutral

    Trying a purported "non-biased" news site. So far, pretty good.

    5. Dr. Mercola

    Alternative health stuff. Had physical a few weeks ago, the doctor says "keep doing what you're doing." So, I will.

    6. Apple Store

    The kid's trade-in (iPhone 11) got rejected for not being in as good condition as he stated. He's now on the hook for another $200.

    7. Redbubble

    Am trying this out for selling printed products with AI generated patterns and designs. Not rolled out yet, but pretty much ready. Looking at other sites as well.

    8. Universal Lacrosse

    The kid wanted a new head for his lax stick... the head, netting, and fancy stringing done by the company was about $180. That's without the actual stick part. So, since Dad fronted the $, Mom and Dad won't be raking leaves this Fall.

    9. Cotswold Collectibles

    Action figure company, which started with vintage GI Joes, and now have their own line of figures and accessories, as well as a wide variety of other figures.

    10. Cheese Brothers

    One of my "go to" web sites for ordering really good cheese. Green onion cheddar - that "if I could only have one flavor for the rest of your life" cheese.

    11. Aquarium Co-Op

    Have a 40 gallon tropical tank. Did a major rehab almost a year ago. Ordered a couple plants, and the LED lighting I've been holding off on for months.

    12. Heat Trak

    Considering these heated mats for our front steps, as they're concrete and tend to ice up in the winter. Plus it would be that much less to shovel when it snows.

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