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Ten Easy Non-Processed Foods To Eat (For Lazy People & Bachelors)

One of the ways, perhaps the most important, of keeping yourself healthy (if you miss a lot of workouts sometimes) is to pay even more attention to your food. Eating nothing but unprocessed foods is one hack you can do.

I'm no chef. Sure I love great gourmet meals, but I'm just as fine eating plain foods, as long as they make me full.

    1. Oatmeal

    I like to buy a bag of Bobs Muslie and add a quarter cup to a cup of regular rolled oats. For protein and crunch, add a handful of crushed walnuts

    2. Fruit

    Nothing easier than carrying some apples and a banana.

    3. Sprouts

    My sprout trays are delayed. . . more on this when I grow them and eat them!

    4. Hummus & Hot Sauce Samminch

    It seems odd here in the US of A to eat nothing besides hummus. While I limit the bread to whole wheat and only once a day (if I eat it at all). It's an easy meal that is quite nutritious.

    5. Bean Salad

    Most of your canned foods are going to be pretty bad for you, except beans. They are still really good for you out of a can. Nothing's easier. Get three types of beans you like, rinse em and throw them in a bowl. Mix in corn and snap peas drizzled with EVOO.

    Easy, Delicious.

    6. Millennial Mornings

    Avacado Toast. There are a bajillion ways to slice this recipe, Google and ye shall have been served an easy meal.

    7. Baked Sweet Potatoes

    An easy prep, and relatively cheap. If you like to batch your food prepping, bake twenty at a time and freeze. Stick in the fridge the night before, walla, lunch.

    8. Broiled Broccoli and Cauliflowe

    I had never thought to grill broccoli and cauliflower. My wife started making this a while ago and now it's a staple (the kids love it too). You can broil them in the oven too, with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

    Bonus: You can make a lot and freeze it.

    9. Nuts

    I usually only eat apples, cherries, bananas, and nuts during the day. Did you know there is a tribe that subsists almost entirely from nuts?

    10. Don't Eat Salads

    Yes, they're healthy and they also take a lot of prep work to make a good one. Think about it! The only reason plain salads taste good is the delicious (horrible for you) dressings. Otherwise, you need a garden's worth of produce to make something that's great and will fill you up.

    Look I'm all for salads, as long as I don't have to make it.

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