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Ten Foolish Thoughts of the World. (1 min 41 sec)

    1. The belief in separation.

    Seeing ourselves as separate from others and God, rather than recognizing our interconnectedness.

    2. The fear of love.

    Resisting love and viewing it as a threat, rather than embracing it as our natural state of our being.

    3. The attachment to ego.

    Identifying with the ego's illusions of identity and separateness, rather than recognizing our true self beyond the ego.

    4. Holding onto guilt and shame.

    Holding onto feelings of guilt and shame, rather than accepting forgiveness and releasing the past.

    5. The judgment of others.

    Criticizing and condemning others, rather than extending compassion and understanding.

    6. Seeking external validation.

    Seeking validation and fulfillment from external sources, rather than recognizing our inherent worthiness and divinity.

    7. A mind full of worry and anxiety.

    Focusing on future uncertainties and anxieties, rather than trusting in the present moment and the guidance of God.

    8. The identification with the body.

    Seeing ourselves solely as human beings, rather than recognizing the spiritual nature that transcends the body.

    9. Our attachment to illusions.

    Clinging to the illusions of the world as reality, rather than seeing through them to the deeper truth beyond appearances.

    10. Our resistance to inner guidance.

    Ignoring our inner guidance of intuition and higher wisdom, rather than trusting in our inner knowing and connection to the divine.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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