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Ten Forgotten US TV Shows

Couldn't stand the Banana Splits, but did watch the rest of these as a kid, for better or for worse. Johnny Quest was a favorite. Also, while technically not a US TV show, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons is still a fav. Usually stream it when I spend time in the basement with the older cats (who won't come upstairs since we got the pooch.)

Ten Forgotten US TV Shows

    1. Captain Kangaroo

    Bob Keeshan's portrayal of the friendly Captain Kangaroo enchanted young audiences with his gentle demeanor and educational segments. The show featured memorable characters like Mr. Green Jeans and Bunny Rabbit, providing wholesome entertainment for children.

    2. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

    This animated series followed the adventures of the witty duo Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose. The show's clever humor appealed to both children and adults, making it a beloved classic.

    3. The Banana Splits Adventure Hour

    A mix of live-action and animated variety show, featuring a zany group of characters like Fleegle the beagle and Bingo the gorilla. The catchy theme song and energetic performances made it a favorite among children.

    4. Lassie

    The loyal and intelligent collie named Lassie won the hearts of viewers with her daring rescues and heartwarming adventures. Lassie remains an iconic symbol of loyalty and bravery in the realm of TV shows.

    5. The Mickey Mouse Club

    A true cultural phenomenon that introduced the world to talented young performers like Annette Funicello. The show showcased beloved Disney characters in entertaining skits and musical numbers, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

    6. The Jetsons

    Transporting viewers to a futuristic world filled with flying cars and robotic helpers, this animated series captivated children with its imaginative vision of the future. A pioneer in showcasing technology in a whimsical light.

    7. The Flintstones

    Bringing the Stone Age to life with its prehistoric humor, iconic characters like Fred, Wilma, and Barney became household names. The Flintstones remains a classic cartoon, entertaining generations with its timeless comedy.

    8. The Andy Griffith Show

    While not a children's show, this wholesome comedy set in the fictional town of Mayberry was a hit with kids and adults alike. The lovable characters, including the mischievous Opie, provided hours of entertainment for families.

    9. Bugs Bunny

    A timeless classic featuring the iconic rabbit known for his wit and humor. Bugs Bunny's adventures and escapades have entertained audiences for generations, making him an unforgettable TV show character.

    10. **Johnny Quest**

    A thrilling animated series following the adventures of young Johnny Quest and his friends as they embark on daring missions. The show captivated audiences with its action-packed plots and futuristic themes, becoming a favorite among adventure-seeking viewers.

    These ten forgotten US TV shows from yesteryear may have faded from the spotlight, but their impact on television and popular culture remains significant. As we reminisce about these classics, let's celebrate the nostalgia they bring and the timeless entertainment they provided to audiences of all ages.

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