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Mark Leeds


Ten Habits of Millionaires

Everyone likes to observe the habits of millionaires and billionaires to see if there is anything we might learn from how they behave.

    1. They like to ski.

    Everyone should ski, according to some millionaires. I personally don't especially like the idea of skiing. I went once, and there was a lot of stuff to do to get dressed, get skis, and get to the slope. I didn't pay for that trip, but I'm sure it's expensive.

    2. Own two homes.

    It's great to have a nice apartment or house in New York, and also a nice house in Florida.

    3. Fly first class.

    Just don't pick that front seat because you won't be able to stick your backpack under the seat in front of you. Everything has to be stowed overhead.

    4. Eat healthy.

    Have your prepared meals delivered to your doorstep every day, or just hire a personal chef if you can afford one. You will always eat healthy.

    5. Drive a sensible car, like a Tesla.

    Teslas don't use gas, and you can charge them at a lot of stores, often for free. Why expose yourself to toxic, cancer-causing fumes? Clean energy is the future.

    6. Visit the ocean, at a private beach.

    Put your toes in the water and experience the healing properties of natural ocean salt water, the fresh ocean breeze, and the cool sand between your toes. Beaches are better, if you can go to one at an exclusive tropical resort. Or, on your own island if you have one.

    7. Millionaires like to invest their money.

    They have a lot of it, so why not?

    8. Millionaires don't spend the principle.

    Millionaires make their money work for them. If they spend the millions, they won't be millionaires.

    9. Join the board of a non-profit

    Or join a bunch of them. Apparently, this is a problem for millionaires, giving in to joining the boards of too many non-profits.

    10. Teach people how to get rich.

    If you are now a millionaire, you've made it. Now teach others how to do it. Just lay out the steps they need to follow. Anyone can do it if they just follow the steps.

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