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Ten Ideas For A Short Horror Film

Ten short films about ghosts, werewolves, mad scientists, vampires

    1. The Ghost

    A man moves into an apartment. The neighbors tell him, “don’t worry about the ghost.” He ignores them. One night he hears a knock on his door. He opens it and no one is there. Then he notices a faint figure of a woman standing in his living room. “Who are you?” he asks her. She doesn’t answer but walks out the door and down the hall to another apartment where she enters and closes the door behind her. He follows her down the hall and knocks on the door, “What are you doing here? Who are you?” The door opens and it’s an old man who says, “I don’t know what you are talking about but I live here. Get out of my way or I will call the police!” And he slams the door in our protagonist's face.

    2. Werewolf

    A woman trying to get pregnant goes to a fertility clinic for help. They tell her they can help but there is something she needs to do first: she has to go out into a forest at midnight for three nights in a row and sit by a stone circle (we saw this stone circle in scene 1 of this horror anthology) . She does it and after three nights she gets pregnant but has no idea why they made her do that stupid exercise before they would help her get pregnant. When her baby is six months old she starts noticing weird things about him when he sleeps at night: sometimes during the night, when his eyes are closed, they open briefly as if looking around or searching for something then close again quickly like normal sleeping eyes would do if someone is peeking out from behind closed eyelids (the eyes being windows to another world). She asks her husband about this but he denies it happened so she decides not to say anything else about it again until...

    3. The Werewolf

    When their baby is two years old, one morning while making breakfast, mom sees blood dripping off his fingers as if he had been biting himself during the night (werewolf behavior). She panics. Later that day when dad comes home from work she tells him what happened and asks him if their son exhibits any werewolf-like behavior during the night (climbing up walls etc). Dad says no but then looks worried so mom says, "lets test it." So later that same evening they lock their son in a room with an open window high off the ground outside which means only someone with super-human strength could climb up that wall (note: we see earlier in this movie that their son has super-human strength). Then dad leaves without saying goodbye because maybe he knows their son is indeed a werewolf now that he's two years old so he wants nothing more to do with them afterwards since werewolves kill their parents after turning two years old,. Mom stays there all night waiting for him to come through the window but nothing happens so maybe their son isn't really a werewolf after all.. But then...

    4. Vampires

    The next morning mom wakes up early because she hears scratching at her bedroom window outside coming from above where sunlight shines directly onto that spot on earth every morning at sunrise (vampires cannot stand sunlight). She runs over there and sees little bits of ash blowing away from where little bits of dust used to be scattered across the windowsill outside where sunlight hits every morning at exactly 7am (only vampires turn into dust when exposed to direct sunlight). Mom realizes now that both she and her husband have been turned into vampires by whatever ritual they did in order to get pregnant with their son who also turned into a vampire last night at midnight when everyone turns twenty

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