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Ten Ideas for Cities of the Future

Neither utopic nor dystopic but ambitopic

Ten Ideas for Cities of the Future

    1. Vertical Layeredness

    The lower layers are illuminated by artificial sunlight

    2. Powered by Nuclear Fusion

    Except in a few remote regions where they still rely on solar and wind

    3. Natural Reserves

    Stretching far and beyond. Cities like atomic nuclei in vast natural reserves.

    4. Inter-City Zeppelin Travel

    No cars. A few slow electric trains. Electric airplanes for the ultra-rich, and (slow) zeppelins for the common folk. "Zepping" is a commonly used verb.

    5. Automacracy

    The self-sustaining system of governance, resource procurement & infrastructure (the Automaton). Becoming too rich is impossible. As is taking control of anything too big.

    6. Slowstainability

    "Order a chair and a seed will get planted." By the end of the lifecycle of the tree, the wood will be used to make the chair. Not literally, but almost literally.

    7. Quantum Food

    No one quite seems to know why the name "quantum food" caught on. Physicists (as they were called back then) seemed particularly annoyed. But quantum food does not rely on agriculture: it's chemically synthesized from scratch into millions of foods in huge fusion-powered plants.

    8. Xhuuhu

    It's the drug. There's nothing quite like it. Some describe it as falling asleep permanently, others as waking up once and for all.

    9. The Lottery

    No, it's not what you think. The Chosen, announced at the Winter Equinox, get to move to the Moon and Mars. (Under rather harsh conditions, it must be said).

    10. Lawlessness

    There are no laws. There is only the Automaton. If you act against the interests of the Automaton, you will perish. If you act with its interests in mind, your life and that of your loved ones will be safer, longer, happier, and more pleasant. At least, that's what we are being told...

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