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Ten Ideas

    1. Laundry + Dishwasher

    A dishwasher placement you can put your laundry into for tiny apartments so you don't have to use the laundry mat.

    2. Vitamins + Sink

    Instead of a water filter a vitamin infuser when you get a glass of water

    3. Double Hole Paper

    Triple holes on both sides of paper so notes (thoughts) can continuously flow from one page onto the next.

    4. White Board Paint

    Like clear epoxy but so you can use any wall with a dry erase marker

    5. Color Changing Tile

    LED tiles you can change the color or look of (texture)

    6. Create Your Own Clothes

    A online store where you can pick your own fabric for T-shirts, Shorts etc.

    7. Airline Sleep Number

    Pillow that blows up and contours to the shape of your body.

    - Control the firmness with +/-

    8. AI Joke Prompter App

    Fits in the palm of your hand and can generate jokes from your favorite comedians.

    - comedians sell jokes in app store.

    9. Beach Air Hose

    Install air hoses at the beach to get off sand/excess water

    - Put card reader

    10. Alcohol Camel Packs

    Ready to go camel pack bladders with nozel to sip from cooler.

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