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Ten NFL Teams That Are No More

Went to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on the way back from vacation last summer. Knew there were a defunct teams, but didn't realize how many. Here are ten of them...

Ten NFL Teams That Are No More

    1. Canton Bulldogs

    One of the founding members of the NFL, the Canton Bulldogs were a dominant force in the league's early years. They won multiple championships but eventually folded in 1926 due to financial difficulties.

    2. Portsmouth Spartans

    The Portsmouth Spartans were a successful team in the 1930s, but the Great Depression took a toll on their finances. In 1934, they relocated to Detroit and became the Detroit Lions.

    3. Frankford Yellow Jackets

    The Frankford Yellow Jackets were another early NFL team that saw success in the 1920s. However, financial troubles led to their demise in 1931.

    4. Boston Yanks

    The Boston Yanks were a short-lived NFL team that played from 1944 to 1948. They struggled to attract a fan base and eventually merged with the New York Bulldogs.

    5. Brooklyn Dodgers

    No, not the baseball team. The Brooklyn Dodgers football team played from 1930 to 1943. They had a few successful seasons but folded due to financial difficulties.

    6. Baltimore Colts (1950)

    Before the iconic Baltimore Colts we know today, there was another team with the same name. They played in the NFL from 1950 to 1951 before disbanding.

    7. Houston Oilers

    The Houston Oilers were a beloved franchise that played in the AFL and later the NFL from 1960 to 1997. They relocated to Tennessee and became the Tennessee Titans.

    8. St. Louis Cardinals

    The St. Louis Cardinals were a founding member of the NFL and played from 1920 to 1987. They later moved to Arizona and became the Arizona Cardinals.

    9. Cleveland Browns (1996-1999)

    The original Cleveland Browns franchise, known for their passionate fan base, was relocated to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Ravens. However, a new Cleveland Browns team was established in 1999.

    10. Houston Texans (1960-1961)

    Before the current Houston Texans franchise, there was another team with the same name. They played in the AFL for two seasons before merging with the Dallas Texans.

    While these teams may no longer exist, their legacies live on in the history of the NFL. They played a significant role in shaping the league and paved the way for the teams we cheer for today. As fans, let's remember and honor these forgotten franchises that contributed to the rich tapestry of professional football.

    Here's the full list of defunct teams.

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