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Ten Non-Game Things I Like About Officiating

AI must be reading #1. Looks tasty, but we don't get anything nearly that nice at a game. Water, maybe a hot dog or pretzel. But, one can wish...

Ten Non-Game Things I Like About Officiating

    1. Friday lunch

    I wait until after work, and usually get some pizza or an Italian sub. The latter, I'll eat half and save half until after the game for the ride home.

    2. My Crew

    Good group of guys (had a woman, but she left for adventures in Hawaii). We all get along, have fun, and do a good job (got a sectional final last year).

    3. The Ride Home

    After the game on a Friday night, if there's not backed up traffic on the interstate, its forty five minutes to an hour of my play list. Or quiet, if I feel like that. Rewind the game, if necessary.

    Saturdays aren't usually as nice, thanks to the NJ mall traffic and the world being out and about. But not bad...

    4. Foul Tracking & Review

    We (I) track the fouls we call. I send a spreadsheet out usually Saturday morning for Friday night games, Sunday morning for Saturday games. When we get the game film, I'll go over the plays (which are broken down into individual plays) and match them to the fouls we called. And see if they were good or not so good calls.

    5. Occasional Nap

    If I get to a site early, I'll take a short nap in my car to rest my eyes. Twenty to thirty minutes. Helps disconnect the work day from the impending game.

    6. Getting home late Friday night.

    No street lights in the neighborhood, so if there's not cloud cover, I take a few seconds to star gaze before going into the house. Or, maybe that's just me moving slow because I'm sore and tired... When we had our husky, she knew I was home, and I could hear her howling from inside the house. Miss that a lot.

    7. Coach interaction

    When they don't see us as adversaries, get to meet new folks and talk about the game in general. Or the weather, or sports. Not often, and not for long, but

    8. Player Interaction

    Same as coaches, when you run into players and get to talk a bit, ask them about their season, and even answer some rules questions when they ask.

    9. The Ceremony Of It All

    Setting up on the field for the coin toss, the playing of the National Anthem, the crew huddle before going to our positions for the kickoff. One deep breath, and time to do it.

    10. "Time to Make The Donuts"

    I do (usually) post on social media where we're working, but don't say I'm working the game. I say "time to make the donuts" and my fellow officials and friends have learned what that means. From the old '70's or '80's Dunkin Donuts advertisements.

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