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Ten Old Fashioned Varieties of Popcorn

We have homogenized most of the differences and variety out of much of our food. As a result, we tend to think that everything is supposed to look a certain way. It also makes our food supply weaker. One bug or fungus or virus that likes our "normal" variety will leave us without any alternatives.

Here are some popcorn varieties that are different and I think are better than Orville Redenbacher or our other "generic" popcorns. They are from Amish Country Popcorn. I've tried most of them and I don't need salt or butter beyond the butter I put in the bottom of the popper (1 Tablespoon).

I buy it from my hardware store, but they are online at: https://amishcountrypopcorn.com/


    1. Medium Yellow


    2. Rainbow - they call it a Unique Blend.

    I haven't tried this yet

    3. Ladyfinger

    They say it is the smallest of the hulless

    4. Blue

    This popcorn looks black, but I think pops white and is "Just a Little Sweeter" than your ordinary corn

    5. Medium White

    This is hulless

    6. Mushroom

    This type pops in a ball


    7. Purple

    This looks purple unpopped and they say that is is tender, less hulls, more flavor, higher in antioxidants

    8. Red

    This version is a burgundy red. They say it has fewer hulls

    9. Baby White

    This version is extra small and tender. When I popped it, I thought it would be hard to eat. I expected a lot of hulls and not much fluff. But this was my favorite. It was like eating mini-popcorn.

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