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Ten Places That Influenced My Life

No particular order.

Ten Places That Influenced My Life

    1. Home

    Two of them, one until I was ten, then the other to adulthood. My family life was pretty typical lower middle class for the times, but the move caused some social isolation and probably set my social development back a few years.

    2. 26 Union Street

    My college fraternity, where I was welcomed into a group of brothers. Was pushed beyond my comfort zone, and realized it was good.

    3. 114 Fifth Avenue

    Loved the fraternity experience so I went to work for the headquarters after graduation. I would travel the US for the better part of two years, then stay in positions of increasing responsibility for another ten years.

    4. Walnut Street, Madison, NJ

    The job is forgettable, but met my wife there and still have a couple of friends twenty three years later.

    5. Boulder, CO

    When I realized I liked traveling after a few gnarly work experiences. Would get worn out on travel in later years, but still enjoy (most of) the destinations.

    6. Oxford, MS

    Eight weeks there for work. Realized I had to depend on myself and my wits to succeed.

    7. Hawaii

    Honeymoon. For the first time as an adult, got the full benefit of being away from home and work and enjoying site seeing.

    8. New Orleans

    Where I realized I didn't like the loud, boisterous lifestyle. Been there, done that, have the Hurricane glasses (since '82).

    9. Elizabeth St. New Brunswick

    Foodtown... my first job. Worked hard, had fun. Came out of my shell as a person and a personality.

    10. Federal Credit Union, Totowa

    Football officiating class location. Officiating has become a significant part of my fall free time, and I've gotten a whole new fraternity (my crew...).

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