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Ten Places Your Child Would Like To Go

Our son (16) has been talking a lot about where he'd like to live, and/or go to college. You'll get the theme about the kid's reason for picking sites after a bit.

Ten Places Your Child Would Like To Go

    1. California

    Occasional talk about going to UCLA and/or living in LA. While the former is possible, the latter would be difficult - he has good grades, but going to a UC school as an out of state student with decent grades besides the criminal cost is the intense competition.

    2. Myrtle Beach

    Don't remember why he wanted to go, but we took that trip a few years ago.

    3. Busch Gardens - Williamsburg

    Three visits, fit in trips to Colonial Williamsburg. Also did Monticello, Jamestown and Yorktown while in the area.

    And he doesn't remember most of them...

    4. Cedar Point, OH

    For the amusement park there. That's booked for this summer, the family and two of his buddies to ride the coasters. And, we may actually go to the Football Hall of Fame while out that way, which is something I've wanted to do.

    5. Six Flags Great Adventure

    Until a couple years ago, despite it being fairly close to home, we'd never taken him. Had gone to Dorney Park and Hershey Park, both in Pennsylvania, a couple times each. Now, we have diamond memberships (and a reminder we need to go two times to make it worth the membership fee).

    6. Sedona, AZ

    He's recently said he wants to go. Doesn't remember he was there when he was one, as we took him to meet his aunt who lives there. He said we should have waited until he was older...

    7. Six Flags Tour of the Northeast

    The Six Flags membership covers all Six Flags parks. He wants to rent an RV and drive to the parks north of the Mason Dixon line and east of the Mississippi.

    8. Hawaii

    Is thinking about a trip with his friends after they graduate high school. Then looked at the price, and is reconsidering...

    9. Baton Rouge

    LSU is on his college interest list. Don't think there's a famous amusement park nearby... except New Orleans in a sense of the word.

    10. Mexico

    Not clear about his reason, other than, "it would be cool."

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