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Ten podcasts worth listening to

    1. The James Altucher Show


    2. No Stupid Questions

    There is something calming about Stephen Dubner's voice. Same with Angela Duckworth. I love the questions they answer. Episode: Should Toilets be free?

    3. Danica Patrick Pretty Intense

    I started listening to her because my ex said she was the greatest. I heard her podcast with Joe Rogan and I was like YESSSSS. She basically said she quit racing because mercury was in retrograde. She is bad ass but she is really open to learning new things. Episode: Dr. Stephen Gundry

    4. The Happy Brain with Loretta Bruening

    She has been on James' podcast twice. James talked about her book Meet Your Happy Chemicals the first year or so of the podcast. I had to hear them talk so I made the connection. We have since become email buddies. I was on an episode of her podcast and she helped me become a better teacher. I ask her ridiculous questions and she helps me :) Episode: My Episode. It was like 3 years ago. I don't know what it's called.

    5. The History Chicks

    about 7 years ago I created a dinner party on paper. 5 men and 5 women in history that I would have over to dinner if we could all speak English and were alive at the same time. It might seem nuts but I struggle finding women I really respect. This podcast has helped me a lot. Episode: Zelda Fitzgerald

    6. The Adam Corolla Show

    I listened to this more last summer but him and his team do a lot of riffing. It's pretty funny to listen to. Episode:??

    7. Mile Higher

    I am not sure if you will be able to find this anymore. They did podcasts on conspiracy theories. I listened to an old one last year on the Rotschild Family. I have always been a little interested in families that seem to continue the line of extreme wealth. The Rotschild Family is sooo interesting. I bought a book from the 1970s about the family up to that point. I got through the first generation.

    8. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

    I have only listened to one episode. He did an episode with Robert Caro. I was talking to a guy on a dating app and he was talking about his LBJ series of books. I started reading the first one and holy crap he is a fantastic biographer. Conan O'Brien is really smart, funny and totally awkward. It makes for a great podcast.

    9. Tarot is F*cking Cool

    I was into this a while ago. They are two british friends who pull a acard and then just laugh, complain and riff about the card for an hour. It's helping me learn.

    10. Psychic Teachers

    One lady is a Catholic and the other is a Pagan. They both believe in the metaphysical world but they talk about it from different perspectives. One of my favorite episodes is about the involvement of psychics during ww 2. I never would have thought this.

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