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Ten reasons why I would be a GREAT guest on James Altucher's show. @JamesAltucher (an Idea List using NotePD)


    1. A case study in getting out of depression. I've beat it into submission, and I have a game plan to help others do the same.

    2. I know specific 'How-To's" on becoming a much more Grateful human being.

    3. I have a fantastic framework for building JOY in one's life. And I can explain that to others.

    4. I use my journal very specifically to build JOY in my life. I can explain how to do that for others...some include "Flood O' Gratitude," the "Fred Rogers," and the "Wanted," list. This is how to turn a blank page into a better life.

    5. I've become an Idea Machine using Jame's methods, and I have a lot to add to the concept of Idea Lists that can help others.

    6. I've published a nearly 700-page book of life advice for my adult children. I will go over the very best of the best pieces of advice along with the actual tactics to make it a reality.

    7. I started and run a private school that is light years ahead of what public schools do--we can go over the big principles of the best way to create the best humans from school.

    8. I failed at creating a Volunteer Organization, to include wasting about $70,000 on an app. Here's what I learned, and how I'd go about it now.

    9. I've lost 28 pounds in one month being a "Joyful Savage." I had failed so often before, but I got it together finally. Here's how I did it, and recommendations I can give you to be able to do it, too.

    10. I'm about the most romantic person I know. I've gotten that way through a few specific strategies, including the GRG (Grand Romantic Gesture), and the Daily Love Text. Here are some specific ways to add a lot of romance into your life.

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