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Ten Recent Happenings

Just what's been going on... sometimes its good to think a bit about the "little" things.

Ten Recent Happenings

    1. Son got his driver's permit

    All of the anxiety and excitement about him developing more independence. That's mine, not his.

    2. Lacrosse season ended

    Don't have to factor in games and practice pickups. A little more free time, except for riding around with the kid in the driver's seat.

    3. Got a kitten

    After losing my Mom and our dog in May, we got a kitten, described in a previous list, but he's a cutie. With sharp claws, with a propensity for climbing my leg and sitting on my keyboard.

    4. Managing Mom's estate

    New experience. First lesson... slow down and think. Other than that, not difficult just sad.

    5. I don't want the smoke

    Just clearing up here in New Jersey from the Canadian wild fires. Now, who started them...?

    6. Animal Farm in full effect

    Rules for thee, but not for me...

    7. Boss Not Feeling Well

    Not in the office much this week. Can get more done, if others would get their critical path task completed.

    8. Golf outings on the calendar

    Monday with the son, brother, and near-brother friend. Then, the football officials outing next Thursday.

    The work golf outing fundraiser is on July 10. Looking to raise funds to purchase a van to transport our clients - adults with developmental disabilities - to their medical appointments, community activities, and personal interests.

    Church golf outing isn't until October.

    9. Officiating schedule posted

    We're set for football officiating, starting with a double header of scrimmages on August 19. Time to get back into the rules book and push the conditioning.

    10. Stopped at the farmer's market

    First time since Mom passed because my driving took me a different way on the days I'd normally stop by. Most happy about getting blueberries real cheap, the 2 for $6 large packages of tea biscuit cookies, and a large basil plant for the garden.

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