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Ten Science Fiction or Fantasy novel ideas

    1. The dream factory

    A young child asks his grandpa where all people's dreams go after they wake up. Asking this question causes the child to be visited by a mysterious old man the next night in his dream who takes the child to the dream factory where all dreams are created and stored.

    2. Skin writer

    A child is diagnosed with dermographia - the skin writing disease and discovers that when alone at night, an invisible force writes on his skin to communicate with him. But do the messages come from friend or foe?

    3. Heaven on earth

    A woman discovers that all humans alive today are actually in Heaven/Hell here on earth and have already died before; their life circumstances determining whether they are in heaven or hell.

    4. The Social Network

    A new social network is created where you have to give up your earthly body and be uploaded into the network to forever live as an avatar.

    5. Life-force

    Adventure on a planet where everyone has the ability to donate their life-force to someone they love who is dying, but this causes the donor to die themselves.

    6. Death-clock

    Futuristic adventure where babies are fitted with death-clocks from birth telling them how long they have to live until they die. One man fights the system and is determined to outlive the time displayed on his watch.

    7. Food control

    There is no food left on earth so all nutrition comes from pills. One group of teens discover that food does exist but is owned and kept secret by huge corporations for only the rich.

    8. Time

    Futuristic story of corrupt governments who control the population by removing all clocks and watches from the world, preventing people from having any idea of the time.

    9. Human battery

    Energy becomes so scarce that governments force people to be connected to the grid to create kinetic energy for the benefit of society.

    10. Stolen memories

    Futuristic thriller where past memories are taken from people's brains and stored by the government in order to prosecute people for all of their crimes.

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