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Ten Science Fiction or Fantasy novel ideas

I’m pretty sure these have all been done before but…..

    1. 21st century cyberpunk

    Cyberpunk caught on in the 80s. With 40 yrs of tech / social advance, what would tomorrow’s society look like?

    2. Deity Showdown

    The deities of the world’s most popular religions come to earth and hold a winner take all contest for human minds and souls

    3. Inner Space

    It is said we know about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the sea. What is down there?

    4. Human colony starts a war for independence from Earth rule.

    5. What if humans were pets of canines?

    6. Nova’s Ark

    An alien space craft lands on earth not only with all the sentient races from a distant galaxy but all the other flora and fauna. Talk about invasive species.

    7. Sol’s Cup

    Solar sail ships race to Pluto and back

    8. Tolkien’s Cavern

    The surface of Earth is no longer safe for human habitation, so they descend below ground. There they find the full pantheon of Tolkien’s species: Elves, Dwarves; Orcs; Hobbits; etc.

    9. Sasquatch are inter dimensional Rangers keeping tabs on human “wildlife”

    10. Spellslinger

    A wizard who uses a magic sling and spell stones to cast his magic.

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