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Ten Things Cats Do Around The House

Three cats (two are 15, one not yet a year old). The 'kitten' also is the prince of knocking things off of other things and loves resting in the bathroom sink, waiting for the water to be turned on.

This list, while incomplete, is solid.

Ten Things Cats Do Around The House

    1. Fill the litter boxes

    Cats are meticulous about their bathroom habits, constantly keeping their litter boxes in use and demanding regular cleaning to meet their standards.

    2. Deposit hairballs

    A common occurrence in cat ownership, hairballs mysteriously appear on rugs rather than easily cleanable flooring, adding a touch of surprise to daily chores.

    3. Dig in recycling bins

    Cats find entertainment in the simplest of objects, like the small paper recycle bin that becomes a treasure trove for paper balls and playful antics.

    4. Engage in playful fights

    Whether it's the kitten playfully taunting its older sisters or the occasional scuffle between feline housemates, cats display their natural hunting instincts through playful fights.

    5. Nap in unconventional spots

    From high shelves to window sills and even on inconvenient surfaces like mouse pads, cats have a knack for finding the oddest yet coziest napping spots.

    6. Avoid the puppy

    While the kitten may bravely confront the family dog, older feline residents opt for a strategic retreat, showcasing their unique responses to canine interactions.

    7. Consume food like maniacs

    The voracious appetite of cats, especially kittens, can lead to daily emptying of food bowls, transforming feeding time into a feeding frenzy.

    8. Crave attention

    Cats have a knack for seeking attention at the most inconvenient times, demanding pets when their owners are preoccupied with work, napping, or other activities.

    9. Observe the outside world

    With a keen interest in the outdoors, cats enjoy gazing through windows and doors, silently watching the world outside while maintaining their indoor comfort.

    10. Wake up their owners

    Hungry cats have no concept of sleeping in, often nudging and meowing to be fed, even if it means waking up their owners before the crack of dawn, showcasing their determination and persistence for breakfast.

    Overall, cats bring a unique blend of curiosity, independence, and affection into our homes, enriching our lives with their quirky behaviors and endearing personalities. From their litter box habits to their playful fights and insatiable appetites, cats have a way of leaving a paw print on every aspect of our daily routines, making them cherished members of the family.

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