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Ten Things Done / Progress Made

Always feeling, to some degree, overwhelmed... figure it would be helpful to write ten things I've actually gotten done or made good progress on.

Ten Things Done / Progress Made

    1. Shed

    Old one demo'ed, base built. Just waiting for the delivery. Hope this is soon, as my shed contents are under tarps on the deck and I'd like them inside before the first snow.

    2. Clutter

    Last three Fridays (when the town takes -anything- without special arrangements) have managed to get a bunch of junk out of the house. Inside stuff and shed stuff. Slow, but sure progress.

    3. Fiscal Audit Done

    I'm basically a one person fiscal department, and we are required to get an audit annually. This gives me anxiety up to 11. Never been a problem, but usually have issues getting the auditor to understand / agree with what I did and how I did it.

    The auditor usually is on-site for two or three days, but I've upgraded a few of our processes and got him out in a day. No problems found, no major adjustments needed.

    Now, just need to review the draft, and sign off on the final. And pay the auditor.

    4. Thanksgiving arrangements made... sort of

    We'll be cooking at my MIL's... the son leading the way. My family, well, we usually get together on that Friday, but after Mom passed last May, my sibs are being a bit iffy about getting together.

    5. My "Book"

    After 2.5 years as an undergraduate fraternity member, and 12 years after that working for the headquarters of my fraternity, I've been piecing together a book on the realities of joining a fraternity. Not the marketing that the fraternities do. Not the anti-fraternity stance most campuses take. But how the process really works, geared to the student and their parents. What the realities are, what to ask, what the answers mean, and some help with making that decision.

    Nudged by a couple of outside factors, plus knowing it could be helpful (and a bit of an income stream), I've completed the draft and am getting some input from valued fraternity members. I've made some additions and changes from those I've heard back from, and am about to finalize it. Shooting for 12/31/23.

    Next step... learning about self-publishing.

    6. The Puppy

    The good news is we've gotten him housebroken for a few weeks now. Rare #1 accidents if we miss his signals, but otherwise good. Now, we deal with the new food protecting behavior...

    7. State Compliance Reporting

    All reports due before year end are done... which gives me some time to get real work done (and a project or two done) before '24. Then the whole paperwork hurricane starts again.

    8. Lunch Scheduled

    With some old fraternity brothers. We were involved with the national organization, and a few of us in New Jersey would get together a couple times a year for lunch. The 'Vid put a halt to it, but we started up again right after the lockdowns. One of us passed shortly thereafter. The rest of us, plus hopefully a few more, are getting together on the 30th.

    9. Mom's Estate

    All bills are paid, some funds left over. Just need to sell the house, which means our sister needs to decide if she's buying or moving out. And do the tax filings.

    10. New PC

    This one is about six years old. Runs OK, but clunky. And I'm suspecting the hard drive is going. So, I bought a new PC and will set it up and start the switch-over today.

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