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Ten Things I Tried During The Pandemic & Liked

From my list of lists to make. Gotta get back to doing some of these again.


    1. "Office" Windows Open

    Fresh air all day except a few where it was too cold even for me. Real office doesn’t have windows that open.

    2. Supplementing With Patches

    I used Patch MD. Easier than swallowing a bunch of pills, but need to plan around working out or otherwise sweating as they don’t hold well.

    3. Ordering Food Over The Internet

    Cheese Brothers (Rhapsody is a 10+) & North Country cheese, Mauna Loa macadamia nuts. Also others, mostly good but not good enough to keep on the list.

    4. Weekly Meal Prep

    Taking care of this on one day of the weekend for the upcoming week. Still do for lunches.

    5. Outdoor Break During Work

    15-30 minutes sitting on the deck toward the end of the day. Got away from it now that we’re back in the office.

    6. Learning New Things

    Dabbling in Linux, got an old laptop and two old PCs going again. Started studying for Ham radio license, but didn’t finish… license testing was in person which wasn’t happening. Winter project is to get one old PC going as a media server. The other is on my desk for dabbling and watching TV.

    7. Mid-afternoon Nap

    After the bulk of work for the day was done, a 20-30 minute cat nap. Then finish up, and have a fresh brain for personal stuff.

    8. Gardening / Replanting

    Kept it simple… mint, chives, basil, rosemary in the garden. Clover across the back fence line. Still doing so.

    9. Front Window Decorating

    When I read somebody was putting teddy bears in their front window for kids walking by with their families, I put out a few GI Joes. They're out of the front window (wife's orders...) but the outdoor fort remains.


    10. Cloud Pictures

    Started noticing the clouds after many years - at sunrise and during "deck time" - and started taking pictures.


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