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Ten things Netflix could do better

I get so frustrated scrolling through the Netflix main menu of show selections. I search and search, finally select something, only to find out I have to pay extra, or it's in German. They need to focus on user experience.

    1. Series completion percentage

    Menu options should include a series completion indicator (much like it does for each episode)

    2. Language

    There should be a setting that defines if you want to see shows with audio in the languages of your choice, those with subtitles in the languages of your choice, or all. Netflix has a "language" setting for each profile but doesn't seem to use it. At a minimum, indicate those in the language set in profiles without having to click into it to find out.

    3. Price

    Indicate on each show card if this selection is free, included in an existing subscription, or additional charge. (Amazon just added this!)

    4. Done

    Option for each series / movie to not show this again, ever

    5. Continue watching

    Better algorithm to list shows you are currently watching (they have a category for this but it doesn't work well)

    DO NOT list the shows I've completed (unless there are new episodes—see the suggestion below.

    List the "Continue watching" section FIRST

    6. Random but

    Just because I watch three British shows in a row doesn't mean I want to see only British shows in my feed. Allow me to select types of shows I want to see, besides your not-so-helpful suggestions.

    7. New Episodes

    A separate section that identifies new episodes for shows I have watched in the past, and another section for all new episodes for shows I haven't watched in the past

    8. That's all folks

    An indicator that no new seasons are expected, or in other words, an indicator for "this is the last season"

    9. My List

    Show "My list" as one category on the main page, don't make me get out of the menu and into My List to see


    Automatically remove watched items from "My List" or make that an option in settings

    10. Settings

    Include more user settings to personalize my experience, which would solve most of the issues above. Give me options: language, audio, subtitles, My List, Categories to include, completions percentages, show or not show completed shows, types of shows never to show. Let me see the menu—my way!

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