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Ten Things (Not People) I Miss

    1. Pets

    As an adult, two dogs and three cats. As a kid, two dogs. And the folks two dogs after I moved out on my own.

    2. My VW Beetle

    3. McDonalds Fries

    The ones made with beef fat.

    4. Gino's (Fast Food version)

    They were my favorite, because they put ketchup, mustard, and onions that tasted so much better than McDonalds or BK. I think KFC bought them out way back when.

    5. Drive In Movies

    There is one just over the NY border, but we don't go since the kid became a teen.

    6. Playing baseball / softball

    Pick up games were the best, adult leagues were OK.

    7. Alone time

    Love the fam and the pets, but having a block of time to do what I want without having to let the dog out or the cat tooling across the keyboard would be nice.

    8. Long drives

    Work is about an hour, round trip. As a teen, would take long drives to anywhere, stop along the way for a snack or meal, and head home when ready.

    9. Simple jobs

    I worked in a supermarket stocking shelves, mostly dairy and frozen food. Pay was good for a teenager. All I had to do was stock product, rotate the dairy, and go up to bag when it was busy. And, if I brought my work home with me, that was a good thing.

    10. Having friends close by

    We've all scattered over the years, keep in touch via social media, and get together once in a long while. Oh, to be able to go to the park and hang with the old crew...

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