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Ten Things That Are Different For Me - From 1993 to 2023

As we turn the page on 2023, I figured I'd look back thirty years and how things are different for me.

Ten Things That Are Different For Me - From 1993 to 2023

    1. Old man aches & pains

    General soreness and the early onset of arthritis. Left shoulder is pretty much shot. Knees are generally OK, but remind me they're there. Getting out of bed or off the couch takes more care and time.

    2. Married with child

    Was single back in '93. Been married 23 years, have an almost 17 year old son. Wouldn't have thought it so back in '93.

    3. Less physical activity / sports

    I played a lot of baseball/softball, football, basketball back then. None now, but officiating football sort of counts as sport.

    4. Booze

    Never a very heavy drinker, but now abstain after being on blood thinners for a while. Off the blood thinners, but make a decision to avoid booze. Don't miss it, and now it seems some 'experts' are saying it isn't good for you in any amount. Not sure about that, as "they" seem to swing back and forth on health issues, but it works for me, now.

    5. Condo to House

    Before getting married, had a condo. Didn't need to do yard work, but paid for the privilege. Now, cutting the lawn, raking and bagging leaves, shoveling the snow, planting, moving, and replanting plants is part of the routine. But, the wife and kid do help...

    6. Pets

    Before getting married, only had tropical fish. Since getting married, we've had three dogs and six cats. Spent a boat load of money on vet services and training. Wouldn't change it.

    7. Internet

    With all the changes that made to all our lives. Have had online access since CompuServe on a 300 baud Commodore dial up modem, which was a regional toll call from where I lived. When we moved to our current home, one condition was that the cable company had internet service.

    8. Officiating Football

    My main avocation since 2004. Made a lot of new friends, some "enemies" (coaches & fans who didn't like some calls), and an interest / activity totally different from what I do at work.

    9. Family Changes

    Both my parents have passed, Mom last May. She was the last of her generation on both sides of the family. My mother in law is still living (91) and getting along fairly well.

    10. Employment

    In 1993, I worked for the central office of a national non-profit membership organization on the administrative / program side. Now, and for the last 19 years, I've been the CFO of a county-wide non-profit serving adults with developmental disabilities. Glad to not have to travel (have had a lifetime fill of that), and the pay / workload is OK, but I do miss working with a greater number and wider variety of professionals. Probably doing this through retirement.

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