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Ten Things Which Are Obsolete But Still Used

Just wondering about those things that aren't commonly used, but still around.

Ten Things Which Are Obsolete But Still Used

    1. Fax Machines

    Despite the prevalence of email and digital communication, fax machines continue to linger in many offices, often out of habit or for legal reasons. [Feds and NJ require some documents be sent by FAX]

    2. Landline Phones

    With the widespread use of smartphones, landline phones have become somewhat redundant, yet some households and businesses maintain them as a backup or for a sense of reliability. [And better to have landlines for security systems]

    3. Printed Maps

    GPS and navigation apps have made printed maps almost obsolete, but some people still prefer the tangible aspect of a physical map or use them in remote areas with poor digital connectivity. [As a geography major in college, I should probably have some of these around somewhere]

    4. VHS Tapes

    In the age of streaming services and DVDs, VHS tapes are a relic of the past, yet some individuals hold onto them for sentimental reasons or due to the content not available in modern formats. [The wife has a bunch of Disney tapes]

    5. Floppy Disks

    Once a common storage medium, floppy disks are now nearly extinct with the rise of USB drives and cloud storage, but some legacy systems still rely on them.

    6. Dial-up Internet

    While high-speed broadband is the norm, dial-up Internet persists in rural areas or as a backup option, albeit at a significantly slower speed.

    7. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs

    Flat-screen TVs have dominated the market, but CRT TVs can still be found in older households or as secondary screens due to their durability.

    8. Printed Encyclopedias

    Online encyclopedias like Wikipedia have rendered printed versions obsolete, yet some libraries and individuals hold onto physical encyclopedias for reference purposes.

    9. Film Cameras

    Digital cameras have largely replaced film cameras, but some photography purists or enthusiasts still appreciate the art and process of using traditional film.

    10. Physical Buttons on Devices

    Touchscreens have become ubiquitous, yet devices with physical buttons like calculators, remote controls, and some appliances persist due to tactile feedback and ease of use for certain tasks. [Also having letters with the numbers on a phone... nobody uses the old school phone numbers - like CL7-xxxx]

    While these items may seem outdated in today's fast-paced digital world, their continued use showcases a blend of nostalgia, practicality, and resistance to fully embracing newer technologies. Whether for sentimental value, reliability, or personal preference, these obsolete items still find a place in our modern lives.

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