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Ten times you told a hard truth

    1. My previous boss, said I'd leave if I wasn't promoted. I found the promotion at my next job.

    2. One of my consulting clients - told them to stop poaching my employee.

    3. Another old boss. Told her she was a tyrant, because she was a tyrant. She fired me, and I felt better than I had in years.

    4. When I started therapy, many hard truths flowed. Like my fear of death.

    5. The first time that I told my then-girlfriend that I was broke and couldn't afford to pay for every date.

    6. The first time I held my daughter, telling no one in particular how scared I was.

    7. Firing one of my daughters babysitters. Was hard.

    8. Firing a friend that once reported to me. Framing it as the right decision for everyone involved. Helping him feel empowered instead of disappointed.

    9. Writing about my failed subscription box business. You can read that here - https://wp.me/p7eWw4-3l

    10. The time I calculated team performance to prove that they weren't "doing nothing," as our mailroom managers claimed.

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