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Ten TV shows you should re-watch

Let's face it: TV kinda sucks nowadays and everybody could use a little nostalgic break from 2022. What are 10 incredible TV shows that are worth a re-watch binge?

    1. X-Files -- science nerds and conspiracy theorists of the world, UNITE!

    2. Moonlighting -- this one is kinda cringe but also adorable, zany and funny throughout. Bruce at his best, Cybil at her most radiant.

    3. Remington Steele -- forgot how good this 80s show was

    4. Miami Vice -- way beyond 80s kitsch. This show was constantly experimenting with new techniques: music, lighting, scene, mood. Shows ranged from light-hearted comedy to noir drama.

    5. Mad Men -- best show ever made. Every scene is a work of art.

    6. Sopranos -- the show makes brutal criminals loveable, quirky and funny. And it NEVER gets old. I've watched some episodes 10 times, still riveting.

    7. The Brady Bunch -- as a kid, I mocked it as I watched because I thought I was too cool for school. As an adult I realize how well-written the show was. Solid jokes and relatable themes.

    8. Archer -- raunchy comedy at machine-gun pace.

    9. Married with Children -- love the cult feeling this show still invokes and the cringey edgy comedy. SOME episodes even managed to be sweet, those were my favorite.

    10. MST3K -- liberate your inner-snark!

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