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Ten Unique Fundraising Events

fundraisers which are easy and profitable

    1. Comedy Night

    A comedy night is basically a standup show. You charge $10-20 and you get a bunch of comics to come do 10 minutes each. You can even do it online (like the Joke of the Day) where people just watch on their phones. The idea is that you make money from ticket sales and also from sponsorships. Comedy is a great industry for this because they are constantly looking for new talent and they know who to contact if someone on your show seems good. So you set up a comedy night and advertise it as "the next big thing". And then you have an MC (Master of Ceremonies) who introduces each comic and says, "Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, here is...(whatever)." And then the comic comes out. The MC doesn't even have to like the comics or be funny himself but he has to be able to read an audience so he can determine when a joke bombs (and not let them sit there too long) and when it's time for the next comic. You can have several tiers of tickets: General Admission, V.I.P., etc.

    2. Trivia Night

    You charge people $10-$15 to come in and answer trivia questions against other teams. Again, sponsors love this because they can pay you money to put their ads on the trivia questions or during breaks between rounds or whatever else you want to do with them (sponsors are always looking for events like this). You can charge more than $10-$15 if there are multiple levels of tickets so people can come earlier if they want or get better seats or whatever else you want to offer them as incentives. To keep people there longer, after each round you can have some sort of intermission entertainment like maybe comedians or magicians or whatever else fits your theme (e.g., I once had a Trivia Night at my house on July 4th so we had fireworks during intermissions). You also need an MC who knows how to read an audience so they don't bomb out early with bad answers but also knows how to keep things moving along smoothly so nobody gets bored waiting between rounds while people fill out scorecards and stuff like that.

    3. Quiz Night

    Similar concept but instead of trivia questions, general knowledge questions ("name the capital city of these 50 states"), current events ("what was today's top news story"), etc etc ad nauseum until everyone has left the bar/venue/etc you're at that night. Charge more than $10-$15 depending on what kind of event this is for you (a basic quiz night might only cost $5-10 but other types may cost more). Again, good way for sponsorships since every question could have ads attached to them or during breaks between rounds or whatever else you decide upon with your sponsors.. Since this isn't as widely known as trivia nights perhaps it would be harder for sponsorships but still possible if done right .

    4. Spelling Bee

    This one will take some work since most spelling bees are organized by schools through local chapters of something called "Scripps" (which I think organizes all high school sports tournaments in America). But basically what happens at a Spelling Bee is someone announces words which contestants must write down in order to spell correctly in order to advance further in competition until there's one winner who gets some sort of prize (maybe sponsored by companies who want advertising exposure), Sometimes contestants are eliminated after every word if they misspell any words but usually there's some sort of cutoff score which determines whether someone advances further in competition based on scores achieved during preliminary rounds before finals begin , Some organizations which organize these things require participants register beforehand but others don't care too much

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