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Ten Unique Lacrosse Terms

Our son plays lacrosse, and practices start today. He'll a junior and most likely be a "swing" player - JV, but suiting up for varsity if needed. Knew most of these when he started (3rd grade), but some were new to me.

Ten Unique Lacrosse Terms

    1. Crosse

    The lacrosse stick, used by players to catch, carry, pass, and shoot the ball. It consists of a shaft with a head that has a netted pocket.

    2. Face-Off

    The method used to start play at the beginning of the game, after each goal, and at the start of each quarter. Two players face each other with their sticks on the ground near the ball, and when the whistle blows, they try to control the ball.

    3. Cradling

    A technique used by players to keep the ball in the pocket of their lacrosse stick while running or dodging opponents. It involves moving the stick back and forth and side to side.

    4. Crease

    A circular area around the goal with a radius of 9 feet into which only defensive players and the goalie may enter. Offensive players cannot enter the crease with the ball.

    5. Ground Ball

    A ball that is not in the air or in the possession of any player and is loose on the ground, making it available for any player to pick up.

    6. Man-Up/Man-Down

    Refers to a team having a one-player advantage (man-up) or disadvantage (man-down) due to an opponent's time-serving penalty. This can significantly impact the flow of the game.

    7. Pocket

    The netted part of the lacrosse head where the ball is carried, caught, and thrown from. The depth and stringing of the pocket can affect control and accuracy.

    8. Ride

    When the offensive team loses possession of the ball, they attempt to prevent the opposing team from successfully clearing the ball into the offensive zone, called "riding".

    9. Clear

    A strategy used by the defensive team to move the ball from their defensive end of the field to the offensive half after gaining possession from the opposing team.

    10. X

    Refers to the area directly behind the goal. It is a strategic position for attackmen, especially during plays designed to set up a shot on goal.

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