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Ten Unusual Lacrosse Terms And Rules

Our son has played since 2nd grade... just finished junior year. It was described to me as "hockey in the air" but also has some commonality with soccer and other sports. And has its own set of terms and rules.

Ten Unusual Lacrosse Terms And Rules

    1. Hidden Ball Trick

    A deceptive tactic where a player hides the ball in their stick, pretending to pass it to a teammate or drop it, only to retain possession and catch the opponent off guard.

    2. Stick Check

    An official can perform a stick check at any time during the game to ensure that a player's stick meets the required specifications. If a stick is found to be illegal, penalties can be enforced.

    3. Over and Back

    Similar to basketball's violation, the over and back rule in lacrosse prevents a team that has crossed the midfield line from retreating back over the line with possession of the ball.

    4. Dive Shot

    A daring offensive move where a player propels themselves through the air towards the goal, releasing the ball before landing in the crease. However, the player must avoid landing in the crease to avoid a turnover.

    5. Illegal Equipment

    Lacrosse players must adhere to strict equipment regulations. Any gear that does not meet safety standards or alters the game's integrity, such as altered helmets or illegal pockets, can result in penalties.

    6. Faceoff Violations

    During faceoffs, players must adhere to specific positioning and movements. Violations such as early starts or encroachment can lead to turnovers or possession changes.

    7. Interference with Goalkeeper

    Protecting the goalkeeper is paramount, and any interference with their ability to make a save, such as body contact or stick checks when they have possession, can result in penalties.

    8. Illegal Substitution Patterns

    Teams must follow designated substitution patterns to maintain fairness and prevent confusion. Illegal substitutions, such as entering the field before a teammate has fully exited, can result in penalties.

    9. Shot Clock Violations

    In some lacrosse variations, a shot clock is utilized to keep the game's pace. Failure to take a shot within the designated time frame can lead to a turnover, emphasizing the importance of offensive efficiency.

    10. Stick Length Regulations

    Lacrosse sticks have specific length requirements based on the player's position. Attackers, midfielders, and defenders have different stick length restrictions to ensure fair play and maintain the balance between offense and defense.

    11. Face Mask Penalties

    Players are required to wear protective face masks during games to prevent injuries. Any intentional use of the face mask to impede an opponent's vision or cause harm can result in severe penalties, underscoring the importance of sportsmanship and player safety.

    12. Overtime Rules

    In the event of a tie game, lacrosse has specific overtime rules to determine the winner. Overtime periods may involve sudden-death play, where the first team to score wins, adding an extra layer of excitement and pressure to the game.

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