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Ten Ways a Puppy Shakes Up Your Household

Last night, we adopted a puppy. Half Catahoula Leopard dog, half Husky (only see that in the eyes...), our son named him Winston.


    1. Happy greetings when you get home

    We'll hope that's the case when I get home today.

    2. Can't leave food laying around

    Have already had to reinforce that with the son. Our last dog was a true thief of whatever he'd leave laying around, including being an accomplished counter surfer.

    3. Return to poop patrol

    Didn't miss that at all.

    4. Re-draw the pet dynamics

    At first, the kitten acted a bit nasty like his older sisters did to him. But Winston was being playful with him, and they seemed to be OK when I went to bed. The two older cats had a "WTF" look when they came out to see the new pup. They'll adjust.

    5. Back to neighborhood walks

    Derby, our last dog, had bad arthritis the last few years of her life, and while she was happy to walk, we only took her around the corner because she was in pain. Winston will get long walks.

    6. Training

    Will start on our own, but do have a great place to go if we need it, or want him to get AKC Canine Good Citizen rating (if that still exists).

    7. Crating

    We got Winston from a shelter, so he's used to being in a crate. When we're not home, and overnight at least until he's house broken, he'll be in the crate. And the crate in the son's room, since he wanted

    8. Pictures

    There will be lots of puppy pictures for a while.

    9. Another mouth to feed

    Not a big deal, but will have to establish the puppy's feeding times to mesh with our work / school schedules.

    10. More (good, mostly) interruptions

    Puppies, of course, don't understand getting into a flow unless it's playing with the hose. So, will need to re-learn my puppy patience.

    11. More positive energy in the house

    Puppies are great for being happy and fun, and you can't get too much of that!

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