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Ten Ways I "Spoil" Myself

Thinking about the things I do for me.

Ten Ways I "Spoil" Myself

    1. Friday Breakfast Sandwich

    Just had my usual Friday pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich from the small convenience store where I work.

    2. No Chore Saturdays

    Don't do chores, don't do work work, just nap, watch TV, and sit outside when it is sunny and warm.

    3. Healthy Sweets

    Haven't found the optimal no/low sugar treat yet - sweet, crunchy without any sweetener ending in -tol, which causes sprints to the "elimination chamber."

    4. White Castle

    When I get near one, I'll stop in for some sliders. And, their mac and cheese bites are pretty good. Fries are great when you get them hot.

    5. Gadgets

    Mostly reasonable stuff - small tire inflator, small battery for jump starting the car.

    6. Dunkin

    Apple fritters. They don't always have them, but I pick up a couple when they do for my AM coffee. Microwave it for 20-25 seconds to heat up the apple filling.

    7. Essential Oil Diffuser

    With a variety of oils. Just got some clove, which I mix with cinnamon. One at home, one at the office.

    8. Lottery Tix

    With my Friday sandwich, one scratch off "Win for Life" and two numbers in the MegaMillions. $5 a week, maybe have won $150 over the years. But, maybe one day... :)

    9. Dress Shirts

    Lots of Land's End button down shirts in a variety of colors. Don't need them all, but I like them.

    10. Amazon

    Used to be that if something broke, or ran out, you'd have to go to the store to get more. And think, "do I really need it?" With Amazon, the thinking part has disappeared. Sometimes its good - if you need a part or piece same day - but others it is just not needed. But, I get a kick out of being able to solve the problem with a few phone clicks.

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