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Ten Ways of Making Your Daily To Do List Actually WORK


    1. Keep Only One To-Do List A Day. NEVER more than one. One List that should contain everything you want to do for the day.

    2. Don't write more than TEN items per list per day. There are eight hours in a working day; any task that takes more than one hour is onerous so stick to ten to allow for some that will take less than an hour.

    3. Whatever doesn't get done on the day (God Forbid!) should move to the top of the list on the next day.

    4. Create light items to ease out the flow of your day - like reading ten pages of your favourite type of book or listening to a specific playlist or...re-arranging your desk.

    5. Tick off each accomplished item as soon as you get it done. This is important so you can create the momentum to do the rest.

    6. Oh, yes - arrange the items in order of priority but intersperse the light ones so you can relax along the way.

    7. You may assign some items to specific times if it's relevant, but don't over-complicate the list or process. The lighter it is, the easier you will follow the process.

    8. Use a pocket-sized card or paper for your list so it is accessible at all times. This also helps you create more items for the future should they come to mind during the course of a day.

    9. Ensure you have a cut off time for all the tasks so they don't last for too long into the night - because that makes it easier for certain things to not get done should you suffer any distraction or derailment.

    10. At the end of the day, lock away or file your completed and fully ticked-off (not in the sense of 'being angry') To-Do list for future reference.

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