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Ten Ways The New Kitten Changes Everything

We have two female cats, 14 years old, and not very affectionate. The wife has wanted a male cat for a long time. After our dog passed last month, she started looking. A co-worker had a friend who was looking to place a farm-born male kitten. So, we picked him up Friday; we named him Hoot. And our lives have certainly changed in the week he's been with us so far.

Ten Ways The New Kitten Changes Everything

    1. Kitty Scratches

    The boy likes to play, and is very gentle. But those kitty claws still make kitty scratches. I'm not a cutter... really!

    2. Tread Carefully

    He's a little thing, and has no fear of getting under foot. So, we have to look before we walk. Or stand.

    3. Careful About Roll Overs

    He climbs up on our bed already. And sleeps close to the wife and I at different times overnight. Last night was my turn. This normally tossing and turning guy stayed still.

    4. Brokering Peace... Not Yet

    The two old bitty cats haven't accepted him, yet. So, the staring and hissing and chasing (he of them) have needed a bit of managing. We know it will work out, but will take time.

    5. Another Mouth To Feed

    The cat's food is up too high for the kitten to get at (a relic from when our dog was around). The kitten's food is on the floor in my office. The older cats leave it alone, since the boy wants to play, and they very much don't.

    6. Check The Boxes and Bins

    He's already discovered the paper recycle bin under my desk. Can get in and out on his own, but don't want to toss paper on him.

    7. Odd Toys

    A round Nerf bullet (because it rolls and it bitable), a ball of aluminum foil. Any loose strap, like on a back pack.

    8. Kitty TV

    He's already discovered the fish tank, and likes sitting on the floor, watching, and trying to figure out how to get to them. BTW, there is a desk on one side of the tank, but is pretty heavily planted, so he can't see the real action from there. Gotta find an old speaker for him to be able to jump up on.

    9. Hand Attack!

    He likes playing with hands and fingers. I indulge him.

    10. Infernally Cute

    Brings a smile to our faces, and a lot of cooing and happy tone speaking for the new family member.

    11. The Kitten

    Isn't he a cutie!


    12. Preoccupation with laying on the keyboard...

    New as of today, June 3.

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