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Ten Ways To Build Up A Strong, Impressive CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Ten Ways To Build Up Your CV (Curriculum Vitae)

    1. Volunteer for meaningful, high visibility community jobs for no pay

    2. Do additional short-term professional courses unrelated to your actual profession

    3. Read the CVs or Resumes of 'serious' people you admire to see what you can learn from them

    4. Learn a new language and include it once you have achieved 'Basic' level

    5. Start publishing and include your work on your CV - even if it's "just" a blog

    6. Get it reviewed by people you respect and who you would want to work for - this gives you great advice from potential hirers and is a also a sneak 'Hire Me' tactic.

    7. Don't embellish it. Use simple words but write them exceptionally well. Edit your CV as often as possible so you keep polishing it up till you are ready to circulate it

    8. Get the formatting correct 100% - every aspect including making every section look like the next, and using the right section dividers where need be. Even the small things count.

    9. Ensure you have the right references - Academic, Professional and Character (one each) and balance other things like age, gender and so on and so forth, amongst the three categories

    10. Be impressive yourself. You should actually read your CV every month so that you get impetus to do more so you can add it to the document itself.

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