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What are 10 not obvious business ideas you can start today with $100 budget?

    1. Start an email newsletter

    Pick a topic. Write ten ideas a day for 30 days. Publish them as an email newsletter. Charge $1 a month and you are in the business!

    2. Online course

    Write up ten lessons you have learned or would like to learn. Make up some slides. Put them online on a site like Teachable or another platform and you are in the business of teaching!

    3. Daily article site

    Pick a category (like "Crypto") and write an article every day about something happening in that category. You can find articles on CoinDesk, Coindesk, etc to repost as your own articles. And now you are in the news aggregation business!

    4. Side hustle consulting

    Do research on sites like Upwork or Guru and find people who want to hire someone to do whatever it is they need done (design, coding, writing, etc). Offer your services at competitive rates (negotiate heavily) and offer the service of finding work for several different types of jobs that you can do well at. Now you are in business!

    5. Arbitrage opportunities

    Go to StockArbitragePro and look at stocks trading on two exchanges that seem out of whack with each other. Buy them on one exchange and sell them on another so long as the spread is wide enough to make money. This is called arbitrage trading but it's not hard to do if you have $100 budget and know how to use an app like Delta One Pro .

    6. Podcasting

    I did this for awhile but it's very time consuming so I stopped doing it but I made about $1000/month doing this so

    I'll describe my process here since it was fun while it lasted:

    7. Find products selling for less than what they cost to make AND has good reviews AND there is no competition AND there is demand for more info about product OR there is demand for more products related to this product OR there is demand fo

    This was basically my model when I did my podcast "Make Money Ideas"
    It was fun while it lasted but now I'm too busy doing other things so I stopped doing that podcast but if anyone wants me to start back up again just let me know :)
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