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Thankful For a Great Day (so far)

It's been a great day and it's only 2pm.

    1. Early morning hike to the top of Spruce Mountain

    We hike almost every Sunday. The hike up to Spruce is about 6.75 miles round trip. It was our first chance to see the thinning work from the Crooks Fire. They removed a wide swath of trees and brush along the ridge line. It's stark looking but there is still plenty of forest off the trail/ridge line and the work done greatly reduces the odds that a fire comes ripping through into Walker for many years, maybe decades.

    2. Fire department matter while we were hiking

    While hiking I got a call, a third party account, that someone had an illegal camp fire going. Usually in May and June there are fire restrictions in place because of the high fire danger. I had reason to be skeptical but took it seriously as I always do. I arranged for two of our firefighters to go investigate. This was a real incident as it turned out, a Forest Service patrol was already engaged so we weren't needed as it turned out. Apparently the offender tried to get away and the FS patrol blocked the road.

    3. Today is the Monaco Grand Prix!

    I love watching this every year. The visuals of the cars racing through the city are stunning. I recorded it, have watched some and will finish later. Can't say enough how fun this is for me.

    4. Spending the afternoon watching the Padres

    I've said before how much I love baseball and the Padres announcers level up the fun I have. The picture is from a game in SD that I went to a few years ago.

    5. I figured something out

    A little earlier in a NotePD post I made a reference to having taken a world religions class in college. In junior high and high school, I took Spanish every year, six years all in. I don't remember why I took the same language the whole time but either way...

    In college, the econ program required four semesters of a foreign language. The six years I'd already taken met the four semester requirement, I was off the hook! This freed me up to take a bunch of electives that made my college experience a whole lot easier and interesting than it otherwise might have been.

    This is an example, unintended as it may have been, of the optionality I write about all the time as well as the concept of doing favors for your future self. 7th grade-12 grade me, did college aged me a huge favor taking Spanish which gave me the optionality to take some pretty fun classes.

    One class was sports related, focusing on modern Olympics history, I actually don't remember the point of the class but I loved it and it gave me one of my favorite stories of all time.

    Look this up but in 1956 right before the summer Olympics, the Soviet Union invaded Hungary. It just so happened that Hungary's water polo team which was very good was out of the country when the invasion occurred. Sure enough, the two countries met in the semi final and Hungary beat the hell out of the Soviet team, literally. "Blood in the water." Hungary won 4-0.


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