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Thanksgiving Around the World

As an American I think of Thanksgiving as an American holiday. But it is actually celebrated in many parts of the world.

    1. Australia

    Observed most on the territory of Norfolk Island on the last Wednesday in November.

    2. Brazil

    Fourth Thursday in November. Has taken on more of a religious day of thanks.

    3. Canada

    2nd Monday in October. Very similar to the American version of Thanksgiving. Of course, in the U.S. we call that day Columbus Day.

    4. Grenada

    October 25th. And unlike most Thanksgivings that relate to harvests, in Grenada they celebrate Thanksgiving to commemorate the U.S. invasion of the island nation.

    5. Liberia

    First Thursday of November. While originally transplanted from the American tradition, Thanksgiving has become a more general day of thanks, relaxation, and remembrance.

    6. Netherlands

    First Wednesday in November. While it is not an "official" or public holiday, many churches have it as a holy day of observation and remembrance.

    7. Philippines

    Fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving was celebrated here as another American transplant. During WW2. it was celebrated in secret. Eventually Marcos moved the day to September 21, to celebrate his revolution. After his rule ended, Thanksgiving was abandoned. It has slowly surfaced again as a secular and commercial holiday during the months long Christmas celebrations that take place throughout the Philippines.

    8. Rwanda

    Celebrated 1st Friday of August. Known as Umuganura Day.

    9. St. Lucia

    First Monday in October

    10. United States

    The date has moved around some but almost always observed in November. For a few years we even had 2 Thanksgivings, one week apart. But for approx. 80 yrs now, Thanksgiving has been the fourth Thursday in November.

    11. Japan

    Labor Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on November 23. Adopted during American occupation to recognizance and celebrate labor, productivity, and thankfulness for each other.

    12. Many countries and most of the world's religions have similar festivals and holy days in order to give thanks and express gratitude. They are also associated with the traditional bountiful harvest. Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are.

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