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Thanksgiving Gratitude List

On the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, and beyond the obvious family, friends, safe & warm home... the things I'm grateful for today.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

    1. Indulgence / Cheat Days

    Been real good about avoiding sugar, seed oils, and other less than healthy foods. Won't overdo it, but will indulge.

    Thursday is our family's festivities, with my mother in law joining us (the rest of the wife's side of the family have moved away or passed).

    Tomorrow is my family's - Mom, brother & sister, nieces & nephews. Tomorrow will be a non-turkey menu. And will be our first time all together since before the 'Vid.

    2. Stuffing

    I like turkey, but it is the stuffing that does it for me. This year, apple walnut.

    3. Gravy

    On just about everything other than dessert.

    4. No Work

    I'm one of those who checks the work e-mails on the weekends and most holidays. Not today or tomorrow. Its a holiday... and work related things will wait.

    5. No Housework

    Besides Christmas, the only holiday I don't feel the persistent need to get something done around the house.

    6. Pies

    Pumpkin pie - traditional & chiffon, and probably pecan. Apple maybe.

    7. Real Nap

    Will have the time to just doze off for a couple hours and not have to wake to "do something."

    8. Football

    Lots of games to watch.

    When I was a youngster, there was always the sandlot Thanksgiving game(s) - tackle football with no pads, and at one place we played, a school sidewalk that crossed the "field" (the front of Linwood School).

    And the memory of the one Thanksgiving game I officiated. I had two basic goals when I started officiating - Work a State final (got that this year) and a Thanksgiving game.

    Attended one Thanksgiving game when I was a new official working on the chain crew - the stands were packed (not often the case in our area), the atmosphere was electric, and I wanted to experience it at least once on the field. Since these historical rivalry games have been largely eliminated to allow a State wide playoff system, I was lucky to get one.

    9. The Quiet

    For some reason, I notice the quiet more on holidays. Today (at 6:12am Eastern time), it is wonderfully quiet and hopefully will stay that way today.

    10. Driving

    It's about a 90 minute drive to my Mom's. I like driving, and it will be a pleasurable drive to see my family.

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