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The 30 Day Book Publishing Course - Write Your First Book

I am thinking of doing a course where everyone in the course has the opportunity to publish a book in 30 days.

The below is not an ad for this. Just something I'm thinking out loud about.

Here are some features I am thinking about.

    1. 5 Live video sessions with "lecture" and Q&A.

    I put lecture in quotes because it will be a bit more interactive in that.

    2. We would use NotePD to structure and write the book.

    3. Week 1: find your idea

    I've published various "30 day book challenges here" but I have more and can go over all of them and you get to pick which one you would do and I teach how to get each one done.

    4. Week 1: start researching and writing

    I describe each 30 day book challenge and each person picks a challenge and the ideas for it and starts writing and researching almost immediately.

    5. Week 2: How to tell a story that hooks people

    I've written bestsellers and many viral posts. I will describe how I did it and how you can do it.

    6. Week 3: How to write well

    There's a lot of people who write on the Internet but not a lot of writers. We will go over the "50 MUST-HAVES "for writing a well-written book.

    7. Week 4: How to put together a book: title, cover, publishing, marketing

    People judge books by their covers. People also judge books by their titles. And there are other ways people judge books (interior design, testimonials, etc). All of these things are important.

    8. Days 29-30: Publish!

    9. Costs:

    $500 but 50% off (or 50% sent back to you) if you have a 100 day idea streak on NotePD or when you get a 100 day writing streak (then you get $250 back).

    10. Affiliate program so you can make money

    We would do an affiliate program so whoever you get to sign up, you get 50% of the fees paid by that person. For instance, if you tweet it and people use your tweet to pay $500 to take the course, then you get $250.

    11. There would be checklists and other written materials and videos

    12. By the end of the course you will:

    - write better. whether it's an essay, a viral blog post, a book, whatever.

    - have a book (or be ready to write one anytime you want)

    - have ideas for more than one book. The best way to market a first book is to write a second book.

    - have ideas on how to market your book.

    13. When would I do this?

    I'm not sure. Soon. I just want to see if this is the sort of thing people would be interested in. I love teaching about writing and this would be fun for me.

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