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The ankle bracelet’s love story. (1 min 56 sec)

The ankle bracelet’s love story. (1 min 56 sec)

    1. In the realm of beauty's subtle grace,

    There lies an ankle adorned with embrace,
    A bracelet delicate, a charm so rare,
    Unfolding a tale of love beyond compare.

    2. Each link a testament to divinity's touch,

    A symbol of faith, adored so much,
    For in its gleaming, a message untold,
    The unconditional love of God unfolds.

    3. Like whispers from heavens, it gently clings,

    A radiant reminder of the love it brings,
    As it encircles, it whispers of grace,
    Embracing the ankle with an ethereal embrace.

    4. With every step, it speaks of surrender,

    A connection profound, a love so tender,
    In its presence, vulnerability takes flight,
    For God's love knows no darkness, only light.

    5. Through its charm, eternity takes hold,

    A timeless bond, never to grow old,
    For God's love, eternal and true,
    Resides within this anklet, shining through.

    6. It beckons hearts to open wide,

    To embrace the truth, with nothing to hide,
    Acceptance and joy, in each precious link,
    An invitation to love, without a single blink.

    7. And so, this anklet becomes a guide,

    A symbol of love that will never subside,
    For in its presence, we are set free,
    To revel in God's love, eternally.

    8. So wear this anklet with pride,

    With faith as our compass, by God's side,
    In every step, they'll witness the glow,
    Of unconditional love, forever bestowed.
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