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The Compound Carrer

I'm not sure when it clicked for me, but once it did the usual idea of work seemed insane to me.

    1. Work as we know it

    We work for X amount of hours or complete a task and get paid for it.

    Until recently this was the best option for us, but not anymore.

    2. Compounding

    Let's say we get 10% interest every year.  We start with £100. The next year we have 110, 111, 121, 133... Each year we gain a larger amount.  What if our Carrer looked like this?

    3. Skills/knowledge

    After a certain point in most Jobs you stop gaining skills/knowledge.  Is a cashier of 10 years really that much better than that of 1 year?

    What if you started your own business and gained a 1% more knowledge each day and invested it into your business?  You could learn how to improve your website, improve marketing, improve your products, staff output ect.  As you gain knowledge your business potential grows exponentially.

    4. Products

    Once you make a product you can remake it for the rest of your life.  You start of with one for life, then two, then three all making you profit and all serving as marketing for your other products.  Compound growth.

    5. Website

    Your first attempt is rubbish, but you work away every day, making it 1 % better and before long it's looking amazing.

    6. Customers

    It's hard to get your first, but if they like your products they'll tell others, slowly building up momentum.  They then tell others. 1, 3, 9, 27... longer you stick around the more well known you become and the more sales you make.The 

    7. Final thoughts

    Do you do overtime at your per hour job to make more money or do you use that time to work on a compound company that will make far more in the long run?

    I wish I worked this out when I was younger.  It's so simple, yet it entered noones Thoughts.  We were taught that the only way to make a living was working in the normal sense.  Even your own business was going in, doing the same job and having a few people work for you.

    I hope I explained this well if you have any questions, let me know.

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