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The Devil You Know (1:15 second read)

We need Satan to make sense of evil in the world.

    1. The ego is the devil you know.

    It's the concept that you made up which is a derivative of attack thoughts.

    2. Would you agree or disagree with the notion of Satan being a fixed concept in human consciousness?

    There had to be a name given to your imagination of people doing bad things.
    "He ain't nothing but the devil."
    You project onto Godliness what you most believe about yourself.
    You anthropomorphize Godliness.

    3. Satan is the evil you see in the world.

    Satan is a projection of human fears.
    He is a result of man-made thoughts.
    There is only one will and that is the will of God.
    Nothing real can oppose that will.

    4. God is not a punishing and angry God.

    God is a state of unconditional love.
    Would God send someone to harm you or to enlighten you?

    5. How would God decide who should be smitten and who should be saved?

    All of you were made in God's likeness. 
    That's right, you and you and you too!
    It's your denial and beliefs in your not being what you truly are that have brought all harm to you.
    All evil in the world stems from your not believing you're good enough. 
    You don't believe you are worthy.

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