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The (digital) Company You Keep?

@billyle89 had a list about health that included "you're a product of the 5 websites you visit most." It's a fascinating point, a great catalyst for increasing selfawareness and clearly there are some websites/apps that people would be better off without.

    1. Twitter

    A lot of people have bad experiences with Twitter. Either by luck or a couple of good clicks I pretty much avoid the cesspool. I've talked before about how I engage on Twitter before so I'll just say that when something relatively important to my day job happens, Twitter is a relaible place to find out about it quickly, get several takes from people smarter than me and find articles to then draw my own conclusion.

    Twitter is where I also get content on my other interests.

    2. Yahoo Finance/Morningstar

    And a couple of others where I can do research for my day job and blogging (which is part of my process for my day job).

    3. Barron's/ WSJ/FT/Bloomberg/Bespoke Investment Group/Seeking Alpha

    Basically financially oriented news and opinion websites.

    4. Fidelity Wealthscape

    For my day job.

    5. Blogger

    I know it's an antiquated platform but still.

    6. Airbnb

    We own the cabin next door and have been renting it out on Airbnb since we bought it in 2017.

    7. What about Facebook and Instagram?

    I scroll them far less than I used to. I post there sharing pictures and with Facebook, diet and exercise stuff but just a few minutes a day only, scrolling. I never look at reels or stories.

    I also use FB for put out content onto the Walker Fire Department page. Please take a look and give us a follow

    Here is where I will throw in NotePD. Way more utility for me than Instagram but I use FB differently WRT to the fire department and for now I have an opportunity to reach/help more people there than here.

    8. Baseball Reference

    This can be a catchall for everything sports related.

    9. Put your phone away?

    I'll close with a link from Phil Pearlman about using your phone less. If you spend a lot of time doom scrolling, arguing with strangers and going down the TicTok rabbit hole, his post might help.

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